Let’s go on an adventure and visit the markets around the world!

Have you ever heard of the Tsukiji Market? If not, well now you have!

Located in central Tokyo and rightfully earning its title as one of the largest wholesale markets in world for fish in the world, handling about 2000 tons of marine products per day. Pesca acquires some of its products from this particular place as the Japanese has a particular way of handling fish called “Ikejime” (活け締め). This method consists in handling the fish in a particular way in order to maintain the quality, freshness and texture of its meat.

Working directly with Mediterranean products is very important for Pesca, and where do we find that? After Asia, it’s now time to take a trip to Europe and head to the famous Rungis International Market located in the southern suburbs of Paris and Boqueria in Barcelona. The Rungis Market, like Tsukiji Market, has its place amongst the biggest markets in the world. Since the 10th century, the Market market was located in the heart of Paris. The place gradually grew too small due to high business demands and was transferred to its current location. From Paris to Barcelona, La Boqueria Market, known as one of the best markets of Europe, we make sure that we get only the best products from around the markets around the world to you.


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